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The couple blended really well just like a perfect music to the perfect song, creating a marvelous art.

Together they released an album titled, "Tragic Toys" and the lyrics of the songs was written by Jim and music composed by La Roux member, Mickey.

Mickey O’Brien is the keyboardist for synth-pop group La Roux for the past thirteen years.

The pair dated for ten years and had this amazing chemistry together.

So, without further adieu, let's grab all the information about the handsome actor in this section.It’s the true story about a dude from the 80s who sold furniture but also robbed banks on the side because he thought that might turn on his girlfriend. Aside from “cheated on Adrian Grenier with Shia La Beouf” and “flower child”, what do we know about this girl? Full Story This is Jim Sturgess at the LA premiere of Cloud Atlas last night getting ready for Movember I guess? Long attached to the part of Buckley, James Franco exited stage left a while back when everyone realized he can’t sing to save his life, which opened up a coveted role for young actors.Full Story I was about write, “Why didn’t they premiere this in London”, and then I realised that would be a really bad idea right now.But who knew that his passion for music would give him an amazing ten years with the talented and gorgeous music composer and actress, Mickey O'Brien.The duo met back in 2003, in a rehearsal room in North London.

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