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Fine online folk to talk to :) : I don't RP, but please feel free to chat with me!If you are involved in a same sex relationship and are looking to go on vacation, it is imperative to know the laws of any country you may be traveling to regarding homosexuality.Barbados law states that homosexual activity is illegal.Belgium has no sodomy laws and the age of consent is 16 for everyone.

Is it a hookup, a love story, paid sex, a chat room, a massage with a happy ending?

But just like our very life, in Fur Affinity, most of things revolve in a direct or not-so-direct way around sex.

As I am used of being sexually active since a very young age, masturbation is as natural to me as any other daily activity, like studying, working or sleeping. Now, when mother Nature was conceiving me in a warm womb, she decided I couldn't be just another "regular" guy, who dates with pretty chicks and marries the woman of his life and makes some kids and then feels happy and complete with his dream job and his pater familias status. My sexual interests are relatively broad, but as you can guess from my username, my main one is the fantasy of a large amount of humans being murdered under some beautiful, giant paws (especially under MY paws! My fetish is my pride, and every single day I thank Lady Luck that she didn't make me another regular, mediocre, squashable guy!

The credit of my successful love story goes to Rhonda as only The Secret helped me to attract my love into my life, and our dream marriage materialised into reality.

Hi All, I will start my story by thanking Rhonda Byrne who bought The Secret into the world.

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