Interracial dating in virginia beach

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Virginia is still for lovers, no matter what the state motto says.Though living in Virginia Beach offers a lot of opportunities to "Live The Life," too.

Today, Virginia is for Lovings, as these portraits of five mixed-race marriages show. A less brave man may not have pursued Aisha Bonner after reading her online dating profile, which was written to deter, not attract.

Others say that conservative's interest in dating interracially has been there all along.

"As a black conservative, I posit that the media has a vested interest in portraying all conservatives as racists and all liberals as open-minded when in my experience, that is not the truth," said Laura Noble, 46, a black woman who lives in Virginia, the 8th state on Interracial's list.

Background There have been several laws in American history that prevented blacks and whites from marrying one another.

Virginia passed its first anti-miscegenation law in 1691.

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