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If attractiveness is higher, they will ask you earleir than if its lower.Hello All, I have one dynaform which contain date in format YYYY-MM-DD but the value save in report table is like 2000-10-10 want to save it in format of YYYY-MM-DD because it will be further use in output document to show its value. For example: You created a variable @@Birthday, in the report table it will create a @@Birthday and @@Birthday_label.Hi guys, as you might already have seen the news via our social media channels - articy:draft will be released February 16th!AND - to keep it short - we've composed a little Page for you where you can find listed all the new features implemented. Only problem is, she's the type of girl I would never have walked up to had I seen her first. Wonderful time, wonderful conversation, talked for hours, and killed two bottles of wine.If you date enough, that sort of shit is bound to happen.

@@Birthday will produce a timestamp with YYYY-MM-DD Hour: Minute: Sec format but @@Birthday_label will produce a date with YYYY-MM-DD.they will ask you on a date, up to you whether you say yes or no.It depends on your relationship, their gender (if you haven't switched the same-sex option on) and also their attractiveness.We list the topics by date order to make it very easy to see which topics are new in a chronological order.Topic Time sort order is used in forums where the topic information needs to be in a date sensitive order Post Time sort order is used n normal discussion type forums where each new reply bumps the topic to the top of the page.

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